Welcome to Tangier Hotels!

We created this site to help people sort through the huge number of hotels here in Tangier. They range from seedy to palatial, and from dirt cheap to off the charts. Surprisingly, some of Tanger’s best accommodations can’t be found on any other major sites. We have lived as ex-pats here in Morocco for 5 years, and we can’t claim to know everything about Tangier, but we hope that what we do know can help you have a safe, convenient, and affordable visit to this great city.

The Complete Listing

Online booking has been slow to catch on here in Morocco. As a result there are literally dozens of hotels, hostels and pensions that you’ll never find on major sites. Here you’ll find updated contact info, pricing, maps and addresses for these local favorites. We’ll also include all the other Tanger hotels you’ve probably been browsing already, so that you can make an informed comparison.

The Local Edge

You might not know that Hotel Movenpick is also a giant casino resort. You might not know that Hotel Ibis is a 20min taxi ride from downtown. You might not know why a single female traveler might not want a hotel deep in the medina, but hopefully our site can help you find out.