American Legation Museum

American Legation Museum, Tangier, Morocco

The Courtyard of the American legation museum

The American legation museum is at the top of Rue Salaheddine Ayoubi and 60 years ago it was the base of american influence in the Tanger International Zone, a colonial region controlled by the french , spanish and British. The museum itself is down a few windy medina streets, but is easily found if you follow the signs. The entry fee is only a few dirhams, and for a little extra the doorman might take you on a tour of the building. The highlights of the museum are the signed photographs of famous politicians and diplomats, and an amazing collection of ancient maps and documents from the colonial era in Morocco. The best of which is a bizzare report about lions being given to the colonial king. In the back of the museum, is part of what remains of the dioramas and toy soldiers collected by crazy multimillionare Malcom Forbes in the 1950s.

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