Taking the Bus to Barcelona from Tangier

Believe it or not, you can take the bus to Europe from Africa. Several bus companies offer service from the Tangier Bus Station to cities in Europe, notably Madrid and Barcelona. You’ll catch the bus in tangier, ride it aboard the Ferry at Port Tangier Med, and then continue your journey by bus on arrival in Algeciras, Spain. As you would expect these bus trips are pretty long, but they can be much less stressful for the casual traveler who is headed to Madrid or Barcelona. Some of these companies also sell transfer tickets (ususally with a connection in Madrid or Barcelona) to other cities, like Brussels, Amsterdam, and Paris. These buses may become increasingly popular now that Ryan air and EasyJet flights have been jeopardized by rising transit taxes at the airport.¬†DETROIT VOYAGES¬† the company shown in this photo can be reached at +212 5 39 32 58 17 or +212 61 08 97 78.

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