Cafe Hafa… what a view!

The Cafe

View from Cafe Hafa, TangierCafe Hafa, TangierOne of my personal favorite places to Relax in Tangier is Cafe Hafa. Located in the Marshan neighborhood outside the Kasbah, ans since you’re so close it might be worth it to go down the road a little bit and see the ” Ruins of Tingis”. (See these on a Map) Cafe Hafa is basically just a series of terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and the end of the Spanish Peninsula, it’s a spectacular view. The Cafe boasts that is has been around since the 1920s! Scroll down to see it on our Tangier Hotels Tube Channel.

The ‘Ruins’ of Tingis

Tangier really does sit on the same location as the ancient Phonecian Colony of Tingis. The Romans also built a city here on the same site. In fact the Roman empire once extended all the way to Salé outside of Rabat. There are even some roman legends having to do with the city, including the cave of Hercules. Sadly, there isn’t much left standing from Roman times. The “ruins of Tingis” today consist of a grassy field for picnics, and a series of graves chiseled into the granite cliff above the Atlantic.


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