Cap Spartel and the Cave of Hercules

Cap Spartel and the Cave of Hercules, are located just outside of town on the Atlantic coast. The best way to travel there is by taking a Grand Taxi. Grand Taxis to the Cave of Hercules leave from the park next to the Grand Mosque Mohammed 5th. (see the map).

Cave of Hercules, Tangier, Morocco

View from the cave of Hercules

The Cave of Hercules

The Cave of Hercules is said to be the place where the Legendary Hero Hercules rested after one of his twelve epic labors. Today, it offers an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean, including it’s famous cavern which faces the sea. The sunset seen from the cave is one of the iconic images of the city of Tangiers.
Above ground you’ll find a wide assortment of restaurants that provide seafood and tradional moroccan meals, although they are on the pricey side, and don’t offer the best food. Camel rides are also available for around 50 Dh.

A trip to the cave might be best paired with a day at the nearby beach of Achakar, or with an extended stay at Le Mirage hotel resort, located just next door.

Cap Spartel

In ancient times, this location was considered the end of the world. Today it’s a great view and an interesting lighthouse. There is a place to park and several clean looking restaurants nearby to enjoy, but it probably won’t hold your attention for more than a few hours. The well paved hillside above Cap Spartel is a popular ascent for cyclists, and is said to be quite a challenge.

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