Cats of Tangier: Are Stray Cats Dangerous in Morocco?

Are stray cats a danger in Morocco?

Stray Cats in Morocco

Their ubiquity in cafes, parks and restaurants makes stray cats a frequent part of cute vacation photos, and many tourists feed them, or play with them. And why not? Nearly all moroccans believe that kindness to cats merits favor from God. And they are so darn cute.
There is certainly a novelty to having these critters patrolling the streets and occasionally having a little cat-brawl in the street.

Unfortunately, stray cats can carry diseases, like rabies, and parasites. Morocco was listed as “High Incidence” of Rabies by the Health Protection Agency of Great Britain.

They are incredible climbers and seem to delight to finding their way onto seemingly impossible balconies and window sills, so be aware of this if you’re visiting a Riad or hotel with a patio, or balcony that abuts other buildings.

Here are a few more stray cat photos I’ve snapped while out visiting hotels.

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Cats in Morocco

cats in morocco 2

cats in Morocco 3




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