The Cave of Hercules in Tangier

Cave of Hercules, Tangier MoroccoThe Cave of Hercules is a giant seaside cavern that looks out over the Atlantic.  The Hercules of Ancient Roman legend is supposed to have rested here after completing one of his famous “7 Labors”. It’s a popular image for postcards, T-shirts and paintings, since it resembles the outline of the African continent. The entrance to the cave is above ground behind the restaurants and souvenir shops. The entrance fee is 5-10 Dirhams per person. The sun sets right outside the mouth of this cave during part of the year, and it’s unusually beautiful.

*Don’t be fooled by the subterranean gift shop with the spiral staircase, because they also sell 5 dirham tickets to enter what we jokingly call the “gift shop of Hercules”, a large underground gift shop that often has live monkeys on display.

Above ground, the Cave of Hercules also has a lot to offer, there are several terraced cafes out on the rocks by the ocean, and camel rides in the parking lot for 40 dh. And don’t forget that Achakar Beach is just down the road.

Locals will sometimes dive off of the cliffs inside the cave into the shallow water beneath, and there have been several sad stories of paralyzing injuries.

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