Do you really want a Dirt Cheap Hotel?

As an American, I was staggered to find that you can find hotel rooms in Morocco for as cheap at $6 a night. It’s less than the cost of a meal for two at McDonalds! But it’s important to have an understanding of what to expect from a $6 hotel:


These hotels are already cheap, and if they don’t seem cheap enough, it’s common to haggle with the owner for a lower price. They are sometimes a little (or a lot) run down, but they have a lot of personality or rustic charm or whatever you want to call it.


Clean rooms and beds, and hot showers aren’t always possible, and in some pensions the doors don’t really lock enough to keep your stuff safe, so keep it with you if it’s important. Some are also an informal meeting place for illegal immigration into Europe, and as a result they are sometimes filled with desperate people. They can also be a destination for one-night-stands which is a problem because they often have very thin walls… Awkward!

***And if you are a single female traveler, PLEASE find a safer place to stay! The cheap hotels, or Youth Hostel on Rue Antaki might be a better choice than a pension at the Petit Soco and are not much more expensive.

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