Things to do on your cruise visit to Tangier


Many of the tourists who visit Tangier each year, arrive by cruise ship. Because they have a package deal, many of them miss some of the best and most fun things in the city! Here are a few DO NOT MISS things to do that your cruise package doesn’t include. (This assumes that you’ve already wandered around the medina buying souvenirs and being yelled at by aggressive shop owners).

  1. Find a REAL local cafe to order Moroccan Mint Tea. Cafe Hafa, and the cafes in the medina, the grand soco and the petit soco are a great example. 
  2. Go to a REAL market. Take a taxi to “CasaBarata” and see how Moroccans really buy and sell the things of life. You’ll find some real treasures here, and there will be no yelling and hassling like in the medina.
  3. Enjoy the sunset at Cap Spartel or The cave of Hercules. These sites are still a bit touristy, but they are incredible views, and easy to get to.
  4. Go to the beach! Playa Blanca and Achakar are both easy to get to and offer beautiful sand and waves.

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  1. Rob Carpenter

    John Lux: Where are you? This is Rob. You stayed at our house in Algeciras a time or two in 2010 but we left there. Hope you are well. We would like to know what you are doing now.

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