What to eat in Morocco: "The Moroccan Five"

The Moroccan five is a collection of local foods served at basically every restaurant in Morocco. Quality varies from place to place, but you can count on these items being on the menu.
1) Shawarma – Yogurt Marinated chicken grilled on a skewer. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce all rolled up and grilled in pita bread.

2)Pizza – not what your used to, but always a safe choice. Pizza here is generally a small single person affair, and can be served with seafood, veggies, and dozens of other variations, but sorry, no pepperoni.


Moroccan Pizza

3) Tagine – Steamed meat and vegetables with thick broth. Cooked and served in a cone-shaped clay pot. Eaten hot with sliced bread.

An Egg Panini

4) Panini- The european version of grilled cheese, often with chicken, peppers, cheese and onions inside.
5) Brochettes -Grilled meat on a skewer, usually served with fries or rice.

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