Ferry Service Moved to Tangier-Med

This Fall (October specifically) will mark the end of ferry service in and out of Tangier. To cross to spain, you need to travel down the coast to Ksar Sgir and board the ferry at the new port of Tangier-Med. This is about a 40 minute drive, and is fairly complicated for travelers without a car.

How to get to Tanger-Med port

If you have a car, simply get on the Autoroute or main toll highway and follow the signs for Tangier-Med and Ksar Sgir, there is an exit that leads directly to the port. If you don’t have a car, your best bet is to go to the main city bus station, and find the taxi stand for Ksar Sghir, then make clear that you want to go to the port, and not the tiny village, they should ideally drop you off near the ferry terminal.

What does this mean for Tangier?

The impact of this change has already been felt here in Tangier, with decreased revenues from Tourism, the end of single-day tour packages from Spain, and decreased numbers of hotel guests. The plan currently is to replace the ferry terminal with a snazzy new marina to anchor luxury yachts

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