Taking to Ferry to Spain from Tangier

The Tangier Ferry now only travels to Tarifa. Initial rumors were that all ferry service from Tangier would be canceled so that a marina for Luxury yachts could be constructed. For the time being at least, you can still take the ferry directly from the port of Tangiers across to the small Spanish port of Tarifa.FRS ferry to Tarifa Spain from Tangier Morocco Once you arrive in Tarifa and pass through customs, a free shuttle bus is available that takes you directly from the tarifa port building to Al Geciras and the rest of spain. Remember to save your ferry ticket stub, because you’ll need it to ride the shuttle bus for free.

If you take the ferry across to Morocco from AlGeciras they you’ll be brought across to Ksar Sghir about 50Km and 30 minutes by Taxi from Tangier. Visitors who are going to see morocco by car will probably prefer this option because the nations high speed highway begins just outside the port of Ksar Sghir.

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