Hiking Jbel Moussa near Tangier

Jbel Moussa Tangier

View From the top.

I talked about Hiking in Tangier in a previous post, but this one will lay out the complete instructions for Getting to Jbel Moussa, finding the trail and making it back again.

1) Taxi from Tangier bus station to Fnideq/Castellejo.

You will need to enter the gated taxi area to left of the Gare Routiere ( Bus Station) and find the taxi stand for Fnideq. The price is 30 Dirhams per seat and there are 6 seats. This taxi will leave when full and will be about 1.5 hours on the road. Check our Tangier Bus and Taxi video to learn how to get tickets.

The Main Pedestrian Street of Fnideq

2) Taxi from Fnideq to Bel Younesh

You’ll need to walk down the street to a secondary grand taxi stand and catch a taxi to “Bel Younesh” the tiny village where the trail starts. This taxi ride is only about 30 minutes. The taxi will drop you off either at the taxi stand and the end of the valley or if you tell them you are hiking they may take you to the trail head at “Agua Blanca” / “Lma Bayda”.

Jbel Moussa Tail tangier

The Trailhead at "Agua Blanca" or "Lma Bayda"

3) Finding the trailhead

The trail head is located directly above and to the right of the watering hole called “agua blanca” or “lma bayda”. Initially the trail is overgrown but after a few minutes it opens onto an old donkey trail that winds up the entire side of the valley in wide switchbacks.

4) The Hike

The hike should take between 2-3 hours up to the top of the pass and about the same back down again, so 4-6 hours total including time to rest and eat. The trail just winds it’s way up the hillside to the top of a saddle ridge. I don’t recommend hiking any higher than that, since the ascent teh teh jagged peak is mostly loose stones, and would be pretty unsafe without equipment.  Besides, the View is AMAZING!

5) Getting Home

Just walk back to the road you came in on and sit down to wait for a taxi to drive by and wave them down, then reverse the steps from your trip there.

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