Music and Film in Taniger

While Tangier is a relatively small city, it boasts a deep history for both Moroccans and the international community, and therefore hosts art events annually featuring some of the premiere artists, performers and film-makers from the Maghreb and around the world.  There’s always some kind of performance or expo happening.  TangerPocket, a local events site, is a great way to find out what’s going on when you’re in town.


Tanjazz is a series of jazz concerts in and around the city, with free shows and exclusive passes all weekend long.  Tanjazz happens Tangier every September and comes at the perfect time, as tourist season slows down and the hot summer weather cools off a little.  At 300dh (30 euro) for a show, tickets aren’t as cheap as the vegetables you’ll pass in the market on your way there, but it’s a great night out and an opportunity to see well-known and new performers.


If you’re looking for film, go no further than Cinema Rif, an old movie theater built in 1938 and taken over by new management in 2006.  With new programs, series and events nearly every week, there’s always something to see.  Many of the films come from France or the Maghreb and are in French or Arabic with French subtitles, but occasionally there are English language films.   The theater also has a cafe with free wifi and offers a front row seat to the Grand Socco, a bustling square just outside the old medina.  Be aware: Cinema Rif is closed on Mondays.


The National Film Festival occurs in January and will celebrate its 14th edition in 2013.  Initially started to promote Moroccan film production, the festival was transient and irregular until 2005, when it found a home in Tangier and has occurred annually since then.  With shorts and feature films, this festival offers a unique opportunity to view some of Morocco’s finest.


Tangier has two great places to find western feature films: Cinema Le Paris, which is on Rue de Fes, and Cinema Roxy, which is closer to the city center.  With films like Skyfall and The Hunger Games, both theaters screen current movies, although they’re almost solely in French, so anglophones may be disappointed when 007 sounds like he’s been in Paris for too long.


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