Parcheesi in Tangier Morocco

Although it was invented in India more than a thousand years ago, parcheesi is a popular cafe game in northern Morocco, including Tangier, Tetuan, Chefchaouen, and perhaps the Larache area. Along with dominos, and a card game called “Ronda” parcheesi is prohibited in most classier cafes in Tangier, since it’s customary for the participants to yell loudly when their pieces are captured, and at other times throughout the game. So, you’ll often have to follow the smell of cheap cigarettes to find a cafe with “Parchi” as locals call it. Cafe Hafa, is probably the best known place to play. You’ll have to ask for a parchi board at the barrista station or cash register, and you’ll leave 10 Dhs as a deposit. If you don’t have four players, why not invite two random people from the cafe to join you? From what I’ve seen, this is considered normal, and you’ll have someone to explain the local rules to you.

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