Recommended Restaurants in Tangier

There are three real categories of restaurants in Tangier: Delicious and Pricey, Pretty Good, and “I-hope-they-wash-their-hands-here” street food.


  • La Fuga: Trendy European ice cream and coffee shop. The ice cream is just incredible, and the massive portions will give you a sugar high to last for hours! They also have good lunches (paninis, sandwiches, crepes, etc.) Located in Iberia off Rue Sidi Bouabid.
  • Venezia Ice: Another trendy ice cream joint, offering some of the best ices on the continent. This one is really popular in the summer. Also in Iberia near the large Mohammed V mosque.
  • Tom Yam: A Thai restaurant with elegant atmosphere. Larger groups can book the sunken table and eat in traditional Thai style. Offers a lunch special for around 100 DH per person. Located off the main Boulevard Mohammed 5th near the main post office.
  • Relais de Paris: Located next to the Hotel Dawliz, it is very popular with travelers.
  • Riad Tanja: Like many of the riads in town, you can eat a gourmet Moroccan meal at this chic Hotel.

Pretty Good:

  • Kandinsky’s: Located on the far end of Rue D’Espagne (Mohammed 6th) next to Tangier’s only bowling alley. They serve a variety of foods, among them decent Italian dishes.
  • McDonald’s: This one is a safe bet, especially if you are worried about getting sick. Their menu is mostly the same, with the exception of the McTagine, (which I don’t at all recommend). Two locations in Tangier: one off Rue de Holland near Grand Socco; the other larger location is on the beach near the Tangier Ville train station
  • Pizza Hut is another foreign chain operating here. It’s not far from the port off Mohammed 6th.
  • Mix Max: This shwarma joint makes arguably the best shwarma in Tangier. If you don’t know what a shwarma is, then you need to go there and find out!
  • Doner King: If you enjoy Shwarma’s Turkish Cousin Döner , then check out Doner King near Place des Nations.
  • Rapido Pizza: Tangier’s best local pizza place. They offer a kind of pizza sandwich called the ” Chicken Dwitch” and it’s outstanding. Their pizza is great too. Located on Rue Fes.
  • Casa Nona: Show up here on Fridays after 12:00 to eat fresh Moroccan Couscous. It’s located where Rue Fes and Rue Holland meet.

“I hope they wash their hands”:

  • Ray Charly: This cheap hole-in-the-wall burger joint is in the Petit Soco. Locals love this place.
  • Sandwich Alia: 10 Dirhams will get you a delicious sandwich with all the fixings.
  • Pizza Dali: A cheap local pizza place on Rue Mexique.
  • Street vendors: People walk around town selling food from food carts. As a foreigner most of this stuff will not be good for you, but the peanuts and sunflower seeds are generally a safe bet. We also really enjoy the spiced chickpeas (called ‘hummus’ by the locals).


  1. rachid

    great site you got, but you forget eriks hamburger at boulevard de pastreur

  2. Bruce

    We’re always looking for new places to eat. We’ll have to drop by and check it out. I’ll let you know what we think.

  3. Yeah Leo ordered the smlselat one possible I had one bite just so I could say that I tried it. Super super gross! I really don’t get it.Even Leo was a little grossed out, although he ate it anyway

  4. I can totally see why pepole go back year after year! I have yet to spend any real time in Costa del Sol, but go back year after year to Mallorca. Same thing brilliant location, opportunities to mingle with the locals and, as a cyclist some of the most amazing rides and services that go along with cycle tourism! Life is good in Spain!

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