Rmilat Park in Tangier (Rmillate Park)

Ok, you’re visiting Tangier for a few days and want something to do.  You’ve picked up all the trinkets you can carry back with you and are tired of paved streets and honking horns: it’s time to visit Rmillate.

Rmillate Park Tangier

Rmillate Park is an expansive forest 20 minutes outside Tangier.  With breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar, this park is definitely worth visiting on a multi-day trip to Tangier.  Upon arriving at Rmillate, you may completely forget the city you just left, being now surrounded by towering trees, a well laid-out dirt path and fresh air.  From the entrance, follow the dirt path down to the right to a set of strategically placed tree stumps, where you can spread out your picnic lunch; or head straight back on the paved road and dine at any of the little restaurants on the water.  The menu is basic, but the views from the restaurant terraces are worth it.   Mint tea is a must since you’re visiting Morocco, and the bisara (like split pea soup) is a great vegetarian alternative to the chicken and beef kabobs.


Take time to wander through the forest up to the abandoned home of Greek-American Millionaire Ion Perdicaris.  While you can no longer enter the building, it’s an impressive landmark from Tangier’s days as an international zone.  Walk behind the house to rest on the forest’s edge and get one of the best views of the strait.


To get to Rmillate, take a 5dh (50 euro cents) grand taxi ride from Iberia.  The taxi stand is next to Luigi’s Ristorante, and a full taxi is 7 people, including the driver.  If you don’t enjoy snuggling up to strangers, you can buy an extra seat and a little more breathing room.  The drive itself offers a scenic tour of the outskirts of Tangier, wending through the hills of some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city.


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    Looks great. We’ll have to go there on out next visit!

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