Is it safe to eat fish in Morocco?

Is it safe to eat fish in Morocco? Tangier offers so many seaside restaurants, including the well known Saveur de Poissons, and this question is well worth asking. I have known some expats who got very sick after eating fish here, and I know others who eat fish here regularly without any trouble at all. Here are some guidelines that you might use in choosing a safe place to eat fish:

  • Ask to smell the fish, and the restaurant, if the restaurant smells bad, it likely has poor sanitary conditions, and if the fish smells bad, don’t eat it.
  • Choose a large clean restaurant to order fish from. A larger nicer place is more likely to have fresher fish, and they are less likely to cut corners with food safety than a small hole-in-the-wall place.
  • Look for a display case where the fish is kept on ice. This can be a good sign.
  • REMEMBER, eating anything in the third world is a risk. Ask the hotel staff, or a tour guide or guidebook to find restaurants you can trust.


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