Tangier’s New 45000 Seat stadium opened yesterday in spectacular style (see video below). The local team Itihad Tanja played against the bench warmers of Spanish club Athletico Madrid in it’s first ever match in the new stadium. The fans were ecstatic the entire game, chanting, waving flags and cheering nonstop for two 90 minute matches. During the second match between Casablanca’s RAJA and the main Athletico squad, several fights broke out involving Raja supporters and tangier locals, where crowds tore up the seating and hurled them at each other. Police rushed in and cleared out the sections of the stadium involved. Towards the end of the game, several fans leaped across the 4 foot trench separating them from the field and eluded police and stadium staff to interrupt the game. This new stadium will play a key role when Morocco hosts the Africa Cup of Nations.

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