Tangier Ferry Changes

The Ferry service in Tangier just changed dramatically, with the opening of a new freight and passenger ferry terminal at Port Tanger Med, though you can still get tickets for the old terminal.

The advantage is that drivers headed for the rest of the country can get on the Autoroute ( A high speed toll road) directly from the terminal at Port Tanger Med, without having to deal with the traffic and hassle of driving through tangier. It’s also a shorter trip across the water.

The disadvantage is that fewer ferries are operating out of tangier, and it’s important to be sure the destination of the ferry you are taking, because it will cost you 120 Dirham and almost 2 hours to take a taxi or drive back to Tangier from there.

There are some neat things to do in Ksar Sghir, the small town where the terminal was built. You can catch a train to anywhere in the south from the ONCF train station there, and the city has a beautiful beach with the ruins of an ancient Palace. It’s also very close to a Hike on Jbel Moussa.

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