The Tangier Kasbah

The Tangier Kasbah is one of the oldest parts of the city, and it just looks so moroccan! Don’t miss a hike through this area if you visit Tangier.

The View

The Kasbah sits at the top of huge cliffs overlooking the bay. According to the kasbah museum, during a tsunami in the last century waves actually reached up and over these giant ramparts. There is a doorway in the wall

The Museum

The Museum des Kasbah offers a neat look at the history of the city and the Sultan who built this Fortress or Kasbah. It also has a beautiful garden, so plan some extra time to sit and relax. Ignore the locals who pester you here for a guided tour, since they are not liscenced tour guides and cant’ be trusted.

The Riads

This part of the city is full of Riads and elegant guest houses, including La Tangerina, Nord Pinus, and Dar Sultan along with many others.

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