Is Tangier Safe to Visit? Absolutely.

The deaths in Marrakech this April (2011) have tourists asking “Is Morocco safe?” and “Where in Morocco is safe?”.

The answer to the first question is absolutely! Of the entire Arab world, Morocco is very likely the most stable. Tangier ViewWithin Morocco, Tangier has become a safe and friendly place for tourists, ex-patriots, and thousands of foreign-born Moroccans who return here every summer. Thanks to hard work by the “Brigade Touristique,” an additional police force that keeps visitors safe, visitors here mostly worry about paying too much for Berber carpets.

To be fair, in 1960 Tangier was seedy, sketchy, and scary, still crawling up out of it’s time as an “International Zone” city where anything could be found for a price. But since he took the throne, the current king has invested millions here, and the result has been a boom in the tourism sector, especially vacation properties.

Remember to check with your country’s consulate website before planning a trip anywhere in Africa.

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