How To Get To Tetouan From Tangier

There are basically three main options for traveling to Tetouan: rental car, bus, or grand taxi. Each has its advantages.  To travel anywhere south of Tangier, the train will generally be your best option because schedules can be found online. However, some of Morocco’s best sights are right here in the North.  At the bottom of this post you’ll find  a link to our YouTube tutorial explaining how to travel by bus, or taxi from Tangier, Morocco .

Before I explain the details of each method of travel, let me first give a few general pointers for travel here. PLEASE don’t ever check anything at the desk or give your baggage to a handler if you’re not going to stay right with it! Take all your baggage with you in your hand and put it under the bus, in the trunk or on the train yourself. Too many employees have sticky fingers. Also, if you get lost, confused or don’t know when to get out of the bus, just ask a fellow traveler (not a station employee) , and if you can’t speak their language, just show them your ticket and they will do absolutely anything they can to help you get where you are going. It’s my favorite thing about traveling here! So without further ado:


There are three kinds of buses here in Morocco:

  • CTM – Large well run bus company with separate stations and several buses a day to nearly everywhere. Buses generally show up on time and don’t break down. It can be very difficult to find out the schedule though, so often the best you can do is stop by the station and ask. (The station is just outside the entrance to the Port of Tangier)
  • Supratours -Classy bus company run as part of train service, connecting to cities that don’t have rail service. Once upon a time you could get their schedule from the ONCF site, but now the info isn’t listed.  Youhave to check at the ONCF train station for the schedule.
  • “The Chicken Bus” – I’m not sure exactly how small intercity bus companies earned this name, but they are cheap and there are tons of them. Specifically, they leave approximately every 30 – 60 min up until the last bus at 11pm. These buses are a little cramped, and sometimes they breakdown on the highway or stop for lunch at unexpected times, but hey what’s life without a little adventure right?


-A grand taxi is a 1960’s Mercedes sedan. It seats 6 passengers plus a driver (no kidding!).  The advantage is that it’s cheap, and it’s considerably faster than either the bus or train. Make sure you are absolutely clear that you are paying for a certain number of seats and not hiring a chauffeur for the day! If you don’t feel like getting smashed between sweaty people, just tell the driver that you’ll pay a double fare to sit by yourself in the passenger seat. Taxis depart once they are full, so it could be a short as 5 minutes or up to 45min or more.


There are rental car agencies all over town. The going rate is around 300Dhs a day for a compact car. Prices sometimes go up on the weekends if there are only a few left to rent. You’ll need a credit card and some kind of drivers licence. The disadvantage here is that navigating the roads in Morocco is often much more stressful than just waiting for the bus. Good luck and stay safe!

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  1. I was in Tangier lately. All of this information is accurate. I can confirm that driving in Morocco is a stressful experience so best to leave it to the locals! Another option to add to the list… we booked through an excellent private company called TangierTaxi (I think the website is who provided an English speaking driver and air-conditioned car. It didn’t actually end up much more expensive than hiring a grand taxi, so well worth the money. Hope this helps! Cheers

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