Tangier’s best tourist Souvenir shops

Tangier souvenir shop

If you visit Tangier, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend a good bit of time buying souvenirs from our massive community of merchants. Here’s a few helpful tips that can save you a little money and a lot of hassle.

1.) Don’t try to play hardball.

Your instincts will probably be to ask the price right away or immediately say how much will pay and then bargain to a middle point. This puts you at an obvious disadvantage, because if you set yourself up as an opponent you are not likely to get very far. Instead get to know the merchant and ask about his family, his city and his business, introduce your self and treat him as an equal. Then wait until some of his friends are nearby and then casually ask him the price for an item that interests you, then bargain by acting ashamed that you can’t pay the price he offers you. That’s how it works sometimes in this culture: I dare you to try it! Besides you just might make a friend!

**Another trick is to take out the amount you can pay and just leave it there while you are talking, and sometimes the merchant will casually pick it up, if he does, then the deal is done!

2) Know the currency rate!

Moroccan dirhams are not monopoly money! Know what the currency rate is and do some math to check the prices before you close the deal with a shop owner, some shop keepers will intentionally inflate their prices with an extra zero because some customers won’t remember the rate!

3) Know who to ask.

If you have a guide, do not turn to him for help in bargaining. (He gets a percentage of everything that you buy!) If you are desperate ask a passerby of the same gender as you, and ask them in a RESPECTFUL way to help you because you don’t know the prices. They will sometimes take your side.

IN tangier there is one Click for Aardvark Map“>souvenir shop that has fixed prices, and they are generally very low. Check out this map to find it, it’s on a back street.

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