Visiting Chefchauen from Tangier

Entrance of ChefchauenOne of the premier locations in Northern Morocco is the Mountain village of Chefchauen. Nestled in the Rif Mountains, Chefchauen is remarkable for it’s brilliant blue and white streets and relaxed atmostphere. Chefchauen sits at the center of the nations “Kif” (Marijuana) growing region, and in the 1970’s became a sort of Hippie paradise. Today, the city is more popular for its beautiful views of the mountains and great opportunities for hiking and relaxing.

Getting there:

Chefchauen is about 1.5 – 2hours from Tangier by car. If you plan to travel there by bus, there are several each day leaving from the Tangier Bus Station. About halfway there is the city of Tetuan. If you plan to travel by grand taxi, just go to the taxi stop outside of the bus station, and buy a place in a taxi going to tetuan, then when that taxi stops, the taxis to chefchauen will be across the street. Both taxi are about 25 dirhams. There are also several buses, including one or two from CTM that go to chauen. Watch this video to learn how to take a bus or taxi to Chefchauen or Tetuan.

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