Visiting Tangier in the Winter

Here in Morocco, winter lasts for about 5 months, from November to March. The weather isn’t very picturesque, but these 5 months represent the absolute low in hotel, ferry, and airfare prices.

In Moroccan Arabic, the word for winter [شتا] literally just means ‘rain’ and for weeks at a time that’s a terribly accurate description. Even in December and January Tangier still has the occasional sunny day, or in some cases whole weeks of sun, the overall trend is cold and overcast with rain storms at night. One way this should affect your hotel choice is that your typical Dirt Cheap Hotel is not going to have any kind of heat available beyond a thick acrylic blanket, which can be tough when the temperature is only few degrees from freezing on the coldest nights of the year.

Another endemic Moroccan winter problem is mold and mildew. After weeks of constant humidity, the walls can actually take on a sheen of moisture, and at that point mold is inevitable.

Tangier’s Ashkar beach on the Atlantic is the best and cleanest for swimming, surfing and windsurfing, and it starts to get bone-chillingly cold usually by mid September. There are also several good beaches on the Med, including Playa Blanca.

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