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Hotel Dawliz

Climate Control Swimming Pool

Address: 42, Rue de Holland, Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 05 39 33 33 77 or 05 39 33 31 51
*Country code +212 without the leading 0.

Hotel Dawliz is located near Place de France. Spacious rooms, TV, and a swimming pool. It shares its large courtyard with a nice billiard hall/arcade and a McDonalds it also has great views over the city. Hotel Dawliz is in a safe area, though it can be a little sketchy in the middle of the night due to a lack of streetlights on parts of rue Holland.  It’s a 5 minute walk from the medina, and maybe 10 minutes from the Port of Tangier.

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  1. cascina massimo

    i’m Cascina Massimo I need a ‘bid for a double room for 2 people.
    I want to do that but my partner is Moroccan and I’m not married but living together.
    The date of arrival and the departure 13/08/2013 20/08/2013

    how much is the room full of taxes and breakfast?

    there are problems for an Italian and a Moroccan unmarried in the same room?

    Best regards

    Cascina Massimo

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