Hotel Picasso

Address: 1, rue Khalil Matrane Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 05 39 33 05 20
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

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Hotel Picasso is a large clean looking hotel in downtown Tangier. The neighborhood is safe during the day, but can be unsafe very late at night. Easy access to the old medina (5min walk) and about 20 Minutes walk downhill to the port.


  1. yatribi

    Bonjour, Je souhaite louer pour une nuit, pour le vendredi 6 Janvier, est ce qu’il y a des disponibilités ? si oui, c’est combien le prix ?


  2. iam want resever en room fra 11 feb til 14 feb
    this 2 voks og 1 barn is 12 old

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