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Hotel Royal

Price: 200 Dirhams/ night (about $27 US)

Address: 144 Rue Salaheddine Ayoubi, Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 05 39 93 89 68
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

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Hotel Royal is the nicest hotel among all of it’s neighbors on Rue Salaheddine Ayoubi. The hotel offers clean, spacious rooms with TV, and full bathrooms at a very reasonable price. All the rooms open onto a beautiful central courtyard. Some rooms have A/C. This hotel is located very close to the port of Tangier, and just down the hill (maybe 5 minutes) from the old medina. This neighborhood is generally safe, and well patrolled by the police, but late late at night, it can be very seedy. Be sure to avoid anyone who approaches you on the street outside.



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  1. This is one of the best options for a small budget. I am booking most of my friends who need a Hotel there. Everybody is always happy. It is clean, friendly and close to the port.

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