Hotel Valencia

Address: 72 Ave. Mohammed 6th Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 05 39 93 07 70
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

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Hotel Valencia can be a great value for the money if you know what to expect. The hotel is no frills, with smaller rooms and no air conditioning, but rooms have private showers and a TV. The decor is heavy on the tile, but the hotel is very affordable, and decently clean. Hotel Valencia is located just outside the main gates of the Port of Tangier, and a short walk from the Old medina. Late at night the corner where this hotel is located can be pretty unsafe. Anyone who approaches you outside Hotel Valencia should be considered a con-man, this area was once notorious before the king started cleaning up the city several years ago.


  1. I remember very well the passionnant week in your hotel with such affordable hire-price.I angaged myself as an dustbincleaner and the nicest week of my live between marokkansh students right beside the hotel which was already under construcktion.That was now two years ago and if I had again the money to travel somewhere I would like to travel back to the Valencia-hotel of Tanger.But today I am in big troubel They arrested me for landstriking and I fear I never shall Tanger again.They want me to do Psychiatric treatment.Nothing good at all for me and not good for finding a Job.If those belgium People are still your neighbour with a girl named Hazar,please do them kindly regards and give them my new adres in Netherlands;
    Douwe van der Kooij-beukenrode 85E-9470AC Zuidlaren-netherlands.
    “Garconie nouveaux”

  2. My life is not going te be changed by psychiatrie,I maintain the dustbin-cleaning Onliest I changed that I live indoor and am no more outdoor on travel.I have new adres
    Douwe Alf van der kooij/Beukenrode 85E- Postbox 128/9470AC Zuidlaren netherlands.Telefon for Job and sparetime is/0031629470961.
    Thanks for that affordable hotel while I were in Europa Roofless.It is such A pity that I could not stay to earne derimes in Tanger.I think I did what I could to make Tanger same beautiful as the Valenciahotel from the inside!!!!Kind regards to that Neighbourgirls called Hazar,I hope her father mannages to build up that appartment still under Construcktion

  3. Hallo Douwe
    Ik heb me een ongeluk gezocht naar het eerste hotel waar ik kwam kon vinden. Vandaag gevonden dus!! Het is inmiddels 43 jaar geleden dat ik voor het eerst naar Marokko ging (hippie-time) and my Hotel was Valencia. If you want some more information you can Always mail me.


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