Hotel Magellan

Address: Tangier, Morocco

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Hotel Magellan is a  swank little pension tucked away in the twisting streets between downtown and the Port of Tangier. located at the end of the alley shared by El Muniria and Ibn Batouta.  Should be a good price, and the neighborhood should be quiet (unless the disco up the street is open). You might be able to get a room with a great view over the bay.  But remember that this street can be dark and creepy after sunset, so it would be a poor choice for single woman travelers.  Note that taxis often can’t make it up the hill where Hotel Magellan sits. It’s an ideal location a 5 minute walk (down a steep hill) from the port of Tangier or down town. Ten minutes form the old medina.


  1. hello , do you have a room for 3 nights from saturday 3/12/2011 to tuesday morning 6/12/2011,what is your price for 1 person?
    you can tell me by sms :0033670819898
    thank you
    jc Petit


    Je vous écris pour vous renseigner sur la disponibilité de la location d’une chambre du Mardi 27 Décembre au Samedi 22 Novembre. Pour l’instant, je vais travailler sur Tanger un mois, avec la possibilité de contiuar après Noël.
    Est-il possible de louer un mois?
    C´est combien le montant de la location d’un mois?

    Merci Bien


    • Katharinne

      hello I am enquiring about the prices of a twin room within the dates 23rd of March until 1st of April. Many Thanks

  3. HI, location for 3 nights : the dates 28 december 2013 au 30 december 2013
    a room for only two persons. thanks a lot
    best regards.

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