Pension Hollanda

Address: Tangier, Morocco

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Pension Hollanda is up the street from McDonalds, located near the Medina and Downtown.  The street by Hotel Hollanda doesn’t have a lot of street lights, and can be a little intimidating at night.


  1. Luz Briceno

    Hi, i like make a reservation with us, how much is for night for 2 persons? Day 11 jun12.

  2. Lars Günther


    unfurtunately i cant recommend the hotel,
    it was expensive 250dh 2persons, very dirty with hairs and bloodspots in the bed.
    In comparision our trip of a week it was the badest place for us


  3. jose muñoz muros

    me gustaria saber mas de este hotel como popr ejemplo la seguridad confor y limpieza y precio para una habitacion individual gracias

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