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Pension Palace

Address: 2 Avenue Mokhtar Aharda, Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 05 39 93 61 28
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

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Pension Palace: Don’t expect a palace. This Hotel is located near the Petit Soco, down the street from Pension Victoria. Hot showers available for a few Dh. A pretty good choice as far as pensions go. The surroundings are safer than other pensions in this area, but stay out of the alleyways late at night.

Check out this French Video of the Hotel:

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  1. e.osset

    we arrived late in Tangier and took the first place we found,bad idea,the whole house smelled of cat spray,(the inner gardens seemed to be used by all the local strays as one large litter tray.The bedroom was stark and dirty and the shower was filthy,full of hair and who knows what,and an appalling smell was coming from the drain.I know its cheap but we have stayed in many inexpensive hostels and have never found one this bad.Give it a miss!

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