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Hotel Nord Pinus

Address: 11 Rue Riad Sultan, Tangier, Morocco

Phone: 06 61 22 81 40
*Country code +212 without the leading 0

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Nord Pinus, Hotel TangierHotel Nord Pinus is a french operated Riad that is built into and on top of the ramparts of the Kasbah section of the old Medina. It has a beautiful rooftop terrace that overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar. Hotel Nord Pinus is decorated beautifully with Moroccan flair. It also has a bar and a restaurant. The Neighborhood is generally safe.  The city center is about a 15 minute walk, but It’s a long way from the port, it would be best to take a taxi, which can be difficult to do in this part of the city becuase there aren’t many taxis there.

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