What ever happened to the Rochester Fast Ferry?

What happened to the Rochester Fast ferry?

Back in the early 2000’s Rochester, NY set up a ferry crossing to Toronto. It was the talk of the town in the upstate New York town where I grew up. But after the program collapsed due to a lack of passangers and poor planning, I can remember thinking “What Ever Happened to the Rochester Fast Ferry?”

Well, just recently I stumbled across the answer to this mystery. The ferries were sold to FRS, a gigantic ferry company that offers service between Tangier and Tarifa. The only vestige left from the old days were these rhomboidal lunch trays outside the snack bar.
These days the ferry travels between Tangier, Morocco and Tarifa, Spain taking between 40 and 70 minutes (despite the advertised 35 minutes) The trip length depends on tidal conditions in the strait of Gibraltar . and unpredictable wait times to enter the port in Tangier.

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