Tangier Ferry Info

One of the biggest questions when traveling to Tangier these days is how to travel by ferry.  Tangier is an easy 45-minute ferry ride from Spain and a great day trip for European travelers.  Here are a few things to know:

You can arrive in Tangier by ferry from Tarifa, Algeciras or Gibraltar.   Check out FRS, Acciona and Balearia for schedules and ticket prices.

If you travel to Tangier from Tarifa, you will have to take a free shuttle bus from the ferry terminal parking lot in Algeciras to Tarifa.  The Tarifa ferry brings you directly to Tanger Ville, which is the closest, easiest way to get right to the heart of Tangier and on to other Moroccan cities, like Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakesh.  From here you can walk to the old medina and kasbah; be sure to look at a map beforehand, as the route is poorly marked.  You can also take a small turquoise taxi to your hotel or destination.  Ignore tour guides and taxi drivers at the port and find one instead on the main road; always remember to make sure they use the meter!


If you travel to Tangier from Algeciras, you will arrive at Port Tanger Med, the new port in Tangier.  From Port Tanger Med, you will take a free shuttle bus to the main city.  Ignore the pushy taxi drivers at Port Tanger Med and head straight for the shuttle.  The shuttle will drop you off by the bus station (gare routière), from which you can take a small, turquoise taxi to your hotel or destination.

Ferries to Tangier from Gibraltar go only to Port Tanger Med.

It is significantly cheaper to arrive in Port Tanger Med, and while it’s not as direct because of the shuttle bus, it is often a better option.

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