Tangier’s new stadiums

Watching Soccer games in Tangier

The New Stadium
Tangier has a great new stadium with seats for 45,000 fans, and has already hosted some top European teams for friendly matches, as well as the Meeting Tangier. Matches are great fun, but most people in attendance will be wild Moroccan youths, so it’s not a great family outing generally. Try to avoid seats between the visiting and home team sections. Occasionally supporters of rival teams throw objects at each other and police have to break them up.
The biggest hurdle to watching games in tangier however isn’t the stadium or the fans, but the lack of a posted schedule online.

Itihad Tangier:Tangier’s biggest club team.

Despite their swank new stadium, Itihad (meaning United) are still trapped in the lower league of the two Moroccan leagues, and even there aren’t doing very well, so they won’t likely play top moroccan clubs except in the moroccan super cup competitions which include teams from both the first and second league.

Cup of African Nations
This stadium should feature prominently when Morocco hosts the Cup of African Nations in 2015. An event they clearly hope will lead to a future bid to host the World cup.

Where to find out about games
You can find info about Itihad games at their club fan website, or at this online league listing service.

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