Visiting Ouezzane Morocco

Tucked in the Hills beyond Chefchaouen, Ouezzane is a relaxing change from the tourist clogged cities of the interior.

Ouezzane is easily reached by Bus from Tangier or Tetuan, and not far from Fez. Look for tickets on the CTM website, or just show up at the bus station the morning that you’d like to leave. Alternatively you could simply travel to Chefchaouen and then take a bus or taxi the rest of the way.

What to see in Ouezzane
The main charm of Ouezzane is that it’s not packed with tourists. In my opinion the biggest attraction of this mountain town is to walk up and down the streets without being hasseled to buy trinkets, and instead to meet ordinary Moroccans living their lives. On certain days, (I think Sunday and Thursday?) there is a large souk or market in town where people from the mountains come and sell their produce.

The city was originally famous for being home to a Sufi mosque and annual festival. The eight sided minaret of the ancient mosque is also unique. There are also fascinating vestiges of the french era  with a stadium, church, and other colonial buildings.

If you haven’t already spent all your money in Chefchaouen or Tangier, Many of the crafts sold there are actually made by workmen here in the countryside, so if you are friendly with shopkeepers you might find unbeatable deals on that carved wood table or ironwork mirror that you couldn’t afford in other cities.

One word of caution: Ouezzane is also part of the region where cultivation of Cannabis is a major industry, so if someone tries to get you to bring a package to his brother in Spain or whatever, tell him to take a hike.

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  1. Paul Evans

    While living in the Capital, our best friends who lived just down stairs, where from Ouezzane, and still have parents that live there and have an olive farm I believe. We tried to meet up with them while traveling from Tangier back to Rabat, but it didn’t work out. I plan on making Ouszzane one of my first stops when I make it back to Morocco! Great pictures, can’t wait to snap some myself some day!

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