The Train from Tangier to Marrakesh

Taking the train to Marrakesh can be a hassle, but following these simple tips will make it a quiet and enjoyable trip. The train from Tangier to Marrakesh takes from 9 to 12 hours.

  • Take the overnight train. For an additional fee you can Train Station Moroccoget a sleeping car around 9pm in Tangier and wake up in Marrakesh at 8am. The Marrakesh sleeper train has 4 beds in each compartment. The conductors won’t put you in the same car with strangers of the opposite gender, unless they are traveling with a spouse. The beds are bunk style with 2 on each side of a small compartment. A thin wool blanket and small pillow are provided. Remember to bring food since only small snacks can be purchased on the train.
  • Tell other passengers where you are going. Most trains to Marrakesh make a transfer in either Sidi Kacem or in Casablanca, other passengers will know which stations are which and can help you make the connection.
  • If you are going directly from the Ferry to the Train, keep in mind that the Train Station is about 10 minutes taxi ride, and that there are no ATMs at the Train station, so take out cash at the port so that you can buy your tickets.
  • If your ferry arrives at Port Tanger Med, you can catch the train from the Ksar Sghir Station, take a taxi there for about 20 DH.
  • Don’t miss the beautiful views of the Moroccan countryside during sunflower season in the early summer.

morocco train window

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