Melting Pot Hostel

Address: Rue tsouli, Tanger Medina, morocco
Phone: +212 539 331 508
Dorm Beds: 120 – 360 Dirhams.

The melting pot hostel is located deep in the tanger medina, not far from hotel continental. Make sure you bring printed directions, or it may be hard to find.
It’s best aspect is the charming rooftop terrace, as long as thigs are not too crowded. A communal kitchen and eating space are open to guests. Wifi is available along with a shared PC for guests. Accommodations are fairly barebones: Bunk beds decently clean. Noise will be a problem because of the hotels open floor plan. Shared bathrooms are the rule with one toilet and shower for each floor. Breakfast included. The entire experience is extremely communal in style. Terrace is nice. Kitchen and dining space. Shared computer. Laundry service. 31 beds.

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