Snorkeling In Tangier

Credit: Wapedia

It’s not the Great barrier reef, but tangier and the surrounding area does have some spots with decent snorkeling, and even spear-fishing for the brave. Playa Blanca is a sandy cove just outside Tangier on the Mediterranean, and the water can be very calm and clear, with rocky tidal sea life, and a few small fish darting around, and some random metal objects buried in the sand, including a sunken yellow peddle boat out at the end of the rock on the right side of the beach. It’s important there not to get far from the beach since a strong current flows across the coast and out the strait.
Locals say that the best snorkeling and diving in the north of morocco is found in Al Hociema, several hours to the east of here.
Achakar (link) is better known for it’s surfing, but on very calm days there’s a lot to see in the rocks at either end of this beach, including octopus and other Atlantic sea life.

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