An Online IT Degree and Much More This Summer

I usually take some time off from my job during the summer (I work part time) so I can spend some time with my kids, while simultaneously avoiding the hefty child care expenses that I would accrue during these weeks of the season. This summer is going to be a bit different however. This summer I have decided that, in addition to being at home with my kids, I’m going to go back to school. How do I both you ask? Through an online degree program.

I had no idea there were so many options for getting an education online but once I looked into the possibilities I realized that I could do so much that I had not thought possible. Just being at home for that period of time would allow me to get settled into a routine – working online right in my own home so I could start to accrue the credits I needed to earn my online IT degree.

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Better still, the online IT degree program didn’t have to end when the summer did. I could continue to take my classes when I was home from work – on my days off and during the evenings and weekends. Before I would know it I would have my degree – something that I had not even considered to be a possibility while still maintaining a job and some semblance of a family life.

Starting the degree was a big thing but it wasn’t the only thing. Making a decision like this was a big step for me in my pursuit of something that was my own; something that was important to me. So not only would I get an online IT degree I would have the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes with making huge strides in the personal goals that you have set out for yourself. It was going to be a big summer.