Case Stude on Dry Cleaners Presto

Executive Summery. Presto has been Mr Shelton’s main laundrette because of its opening and closing hours it has suited him most because of the hours he works he doesn’t mind that its bit more expensive than other dry cleaners. One day Presto decided to get a new system and things all went downhill for Mr Shelton when his laundry went missing. He never had a problem like this before so he was very frustrated. Mr Shelton has tried everything to get through to the complaint officer but there was no answer for ages.

Eventually when he did get through to Mr Hoffner he was waiting for 2 weeks for a claim form back of Mr Hoffner. Presto would do nothing for Mr Shelton only tell him his clothes would come up which they did in the end they were put in with another customers laundry and that was a mix up on the new systems behalf. Mr Shelton still wanted a refund for the 4 new shirts he went off to buy because Presto misplaced his other ones and a refund for that day’s laundry but presto wouldn’t do so as the laundry showed up.

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Mr Shelton would want to be satisfied to stay doing his laundry with Presto and if not he said he will tell family, friends and colleagues about this situation. I feel that presto have a lot to manage with that new system before everything works out nice and handy for them. Before putting that new system into practise they should of tested it, they also should employ more staff to be by Mr Hoffner so customers can hear back straight away instead waiting. Most of all they should defiantly have a back-up system. Question 1.

Mr Shelton was a very upset customer because he was with Presto for a year and never had any problems with them until this new system was implemented. The reason Mr Shelton is so upset is because his laundry went missing, laundry that his wife and he really needed and nothing like this had happened before. He was upset and angry that Mr Hoffner was never available to talk and when Mr Shelton did get to talk to Mr Hoffner he wasn’t of much help and never received a claim form back off Mr Hoffner for up to nearly two weeks.

Eventually Mr Hoffner wrote to Mr Sewickley, who is president of the Presto company, stating what Mr Shelton wanted done by wanting a refund for that laundry and full refund for the four new shirts that were bought because of the laundry gone missing. Mr Shelton also shows he is upset by threatening to tell his family, friends and colleagues about this issue and telling them not to return to Presto Dry Cleaning Company. Strengths: Mr Shelton was a loyal customer to Presto even if it was more expensive the price wasn’t an issue to him. He preferred this cleaner as it opened early and closed that little bit later than other cleaners.

He has spent up to 1000 dollars at Presto in a year which shows he went there a lot for cleaning. Weaknesses: The weakness is for Presto Company as they got in a new system and for a while the system will be new to everyone. Staff wasn’t trained on this new system for long enough so they are just waiting for accidents to happen, when these accidents happen customers aren’t going to be happy. Opportunities: the new system requires new skills and staff to be trained in to use this new system, but staffs weren’t trained with this system properly.

The staff also addressed Mr Shelton’s complaint not to his satisfaction. Threats: Presto dry cleaners could lose a lot of customers due to Mr Shelton’s complaint, as he will pass the complaint on to everyone he knows with Presto. Presto will have to make Mr Shelton a satisfied customer for him to continue bringing his laundry there. Overall I think Presto should do his laundry for free on one occasion or give him a refund for the laundry that got mixed up with the other customers. Question 2.

Presto cleaning should have had some practice with the new system before implantation this would have been a good idea to familiarize staff to the system and for them to avoid mistakes which slows down the process for the customers and staff members. They should also implement a back-up system in case this new system went wrong or there was an error and in that case laundry like Mr Shelton’s mightn’t have gone missing for so long. No company can hope to keep its customers if the product or service it provides is less than perfect at all time.

They should also employ more staff alongside Mr Hoffner to take complaints because Mr Shelton couldn’t reach Mr Hoffner and when he did he was waiting for up to two weeks for feedback from him. If they can’t employ extra staff Mr Hoffner needs to deal with peoples complaints as soon as he receives them. Mr Sewickley that was more than two weeks ago and I still haven’t heard from Mr Hoffner. If they had a hotline customers can ring or even an email address customers could enquire to, customers would hear back a lot quicker and wouldn’t be as angry and upset.

The customer also has to feel like his/her complaint or enquiry is valid. Tell staff to treat the customer as the king or like a manager because if the customer feels unwanted they will more than likely not return to the company again. Presto should try and make up a system to stop the laundry from going missing or mixing it up. If accidents like that didn’t happen customers would trust and rely on the company 100% and they would continue going there. With this new system they should keep trying to improve it to stop complaints like Mr Shelton’s and they would keep a lot of customers happy.

It may seem that Mr Shelton is trying to get money out of the company which shouldn’t be allowed but at the end of the day the laundrette was the blame and they didn’t deal with his complaint properly and his good shirts had gone missing on him so he deserves some sort of an apology. Question 3. Quality is an objective that is important to every customer and is known all over the world. Quality is also the way of managing the business to keep the customers satisfaction increased while in the store and after leaving the store.

If the company keeps a smile on the customers face because the quality of the service was good the customer will obviously be loyal to the company. Presto didn’t identify their customer needs to see what they could do with their new system. The new system came into place to make the process quicker but customers have to fill out a card just a once off but the counter person is still needed just the same as the way it was in the old system which is not saving time for Presto it’s just wasting it. This shows lack of variation on the new system before installed.

If this new system was based on customer needs the quality problems in the Presto cleaners could have been avoided. The quality of the counter staff was met as Mr Shelton was happy with how they reacted to his complaint but his expectations weren’t met. In relation to the complaint the customer is either going to be satisfied or not. Customer satisfaction can have a meaning of comparing perceptions of the service desired. Mr Shelton’s expectations were not met and the service quality is unacceptable.

It proves that Mr Shelton was a loyal customer as he spent 1000 dollars. After this Mr Shelton’s is dissatisfied and this leads to the reduction of loyalty. Mr Shelton was angry because the lack of trust from the complaint officer (Mr Hoffner) because of this he is aiming to turn other loyal customers away by telling them about his service he was giving there in Presto. ——————————————– [ 1 ]. Barnett, Howard. (1992) Operations Management second edition. Macmillan Business Masters. [ 2 ]. The case study of a complaining customer.