Consumer Behaviour – Perception Case Study on Mcdonalds

Welcome (E 34) in McDonald’s World Perception is the process by which people select, organize & interpret sensations. McDonald’s Corporation McDonald’s is the world’s largest fast food restaurants, serving nearly customers daily. 47 million McDonald’s began in McDonald in California. 1940 with the first restaurant opened by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald’s operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide. McDonald’s employing more than 1. 5 million people. The Information Processing Model Exposure Attention Interpretation Perception Perceptual Selection Stimulus Selection Factors Novelty Information Quantity

Color Size Position Novelty • Stimuli that appears in unexpected places in order to attract the attention of people. Color • As a part of their campaign “open at night” the billboard lighting has been directed in a way as to indicate the McDonald’s Golden arches • Using contrast of Colors (Red & yellow) showing the wi-service Position • Selecting a good position with big size at eye level. • Position of an object in a person’s visual field. Size • Size & frequency of Stimulus : (Big Size also is a good tool to attract customer attention and show their variety of products) Information Quantity

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Perceptual Selection Personal Selection Factors Experience • In targeting Children; McDonald’s created efforts to market itself as Family Restaurants. • They host private birthday parties for children & their friends, they distribute gifts. • Arrange games to create “Friendly & Warm” image which any child could relate to. Perceptual Selection Personal Selection Factors Perceptual Vigilance • McDonald’s has produced an innovative guerrilla marketing campaign during Zurichfest, Switzerland’s biggest public festival. • They turned pedestrian crosswalks in front of their restaurants into giant french fry art. During the festival, streets are turned into pedestrian thoroughfares, enabling the use of the crosswalks for promotional purposes. Perceptual Selection Personal Selection Factors Adaptation Interpretation 1-Closure principle Greeting Card Fries draw Christmas tree. Greeting Card Fries make Hand shape. Fries draw (M ) The mind tendency to see The “smile “ and relate it to McDonald’s. 2- Principle of similarity Opening of a new branch 3-Figure Ground Principle Dominate: Sandwich Background: coffee Bean Brown color Dominant :Rock ‘n Roll Fries Background: Hand The Sensory

Individually, each sense is powerful & together, all five senses dictate our emotions Smell triggers memory, Sound changes mood & Touch builds trust. • This innovative adv. of McDonald’s in Turkey is a perfect example of multisensorial promotion. • This adv. fixed to a road side bus stop is designed to look like a McDonald’s counter, a French fry scent dispenser is added to give the passer by a feel of being in one of the McDonald’s outlets. • The smell and the sight of food would arouse hunger of the on looker and would make him think food and think McDonald’s.