Descriptive Essay

Blake Seven pound and thirteen ounce baby boy came into the bright magnificent world at 8:30 P. M. , the ninth month, and twentieth day of the year 2011. When that first loud, music to a mothers’ ear, cry carried through the quiet halls of Kingman Regional Medical Center; on a full moonlit night, I knew Blake Landon Facio existed here now. Knowing Blake is an existence to pure reality and not an unseen world like bears in a cold, snowy winter season. For have being a new born baby boy, he had embodied a quiet mouse on a quiet, soundless Christmas Eve night.

First sight of Blake Landon, his persian rose skin with amaranth red cheeks; his delectable charming facial expressions partook to his mother. When insisting on Blake’s particular features, the first element being seen was his dark Hersey chocolate eyes, with the pure innocence of a newly blossomed rose in the crisp hours of dawn. Following to the second element have being seen on Blake is the jet black, silky to the touch, head of hair; as masterly God had planned him, Blake had the unyielding touch of satin skin close to an angel.

While using one of five senses to the human body, Blake was acknowledging all five with simple yet growing movements for the new unstoppable world he is upon now. With feet so shriveled, one might mistake them as dwindled raisins, raisins so tiny and alluring; with small limited movement. Witnessing through courageous well being, Blake just lays upon his mother; so soundless and precious. Beginning with his journey and the first night in his freshly painted vibrant room, his eyes lay wandering.

With the turquoise blue and Popsicle green walls, it almost seemed too much and overwhelming for new eyes not touched by warmth of sunlight yet. Accepting his new surroundings, Blake Landon had the biggest smile affixed towards everything he came in contact to. Displaying such diminutive clothing Blake wore; definitely delectable to ones eye. With vivid different shades of orange and bright originating blue’s a combination of self color really showed towards Blake’s personality. While exploring through such different clothing and items, I didn’t understand how much preparation it took for Blake. All the different izes from day one to twelve months, it is immensely thoughtful that a healthy new baby boy has an abundance amount of needs. At one simple thought forty weeks ago, Blake was just a pigment of my imagination. Knowing, holding the secret thoughts to myself waiting patiently for a beautiful baby boy to be dropped off; by the infamous white eloquent delivery stork. Standing outside room #231 with the heart pounding fact of new life going to be born; waiting for the first memorable cry, on that specific warm moonlit night at 8:30 P. M. on the twentieth day in the ninth month of year 2011, Blake Landon Facio existed here now.