Earning a MBA Online Can Change Your Life!

There are multiple ways that earning an MBA on line can change your life.  The rewards of finishing an MBA on line are both career related and personal.  Career related rewards range from increased financial compensation, increased job security, increased career flexibility, and increased job satisfaction to opportunities for networking.  The personal benefits of completing an MBA on line include a sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment, the potential to pursue hobbies and interests, and a more rounded lifestyle.

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I earned my MBA on line, and it changed my life

How an MBA Online benefits your career…

Financial Compensation

  • The US Census Bureau reports that as of 2009 the mean annual earnings of all persons with at most a master’s degree were $73, 738 — whereas the mean annual earnings of all persons with at most a bachelor’s degree were $56,665. This means that over the course of a lifetime those with a master’s degree can expect to earn almost $500,000 more than those who only complete a bachelor’s degree.  A half a million dollars is a significant amount of money.  What would you do with a half a million dollars?

Career Security

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and to the National Bureau of Economic Research (Mincer, 1991), advanced educational attainment decreases the chances of experiencing unemployment, and it shortens the duration of unemployment if experienced.  This means that the further you go in education, the more likely you are to have job security.  Because advanced education develops highly desirable skills and knowledge, employers are interested in retaining employees who have these skills and knowledge.

Career Flexibility

  • Earning an MBA on line opens career opportunities, because an MBA qualifies degree holders to work in many different industries. With the right employment history, a graduate of an MBA on line can work in consulting, energy/utilities, transportation, finance, nonprofit management, government, and other growing industries.

Job Satisfaction

  • Because graduates of MBA programs have the potential to work in a variety of industries and in a variety of capacities, they are more likely to find careers that make them happy.  So, completing an advanced degree increases the opportunities to find a job that satisfies in an industry that suits your lifestyle, interests, and financial needs.

Opportunities for Networking

  • One of the biggest attractions to enroll in an MBA program is the opportunity to develop a network a professional contacts.  According to numerous business school rankings, access to an established network of contacts is an important factor used in determining the top business schools.  Professional networks are important to career success.

How an MBA Online benefits you personally…

Sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment

  • Earning an MBA on line can develop your sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment.  The reward of knowing that you challenged yourself, set a goal, and achieved that goal cannot be measured or replaced.

The potential to pursue hobbies and interests

  • With the increased financial compensation and career security and flexibility that an MBA provides, you potentially have more time to pursue your hobbies and interests.  You potentially have more time to spend with your family, to be more involved with your children’s activities, and to make a difference in the community.

A more rounded lifestyle

  • Have you ever heard the saying Work Hard, Play Harder?  If you earn your MBA, you’ll most likely work hard in a financially personally rewarding career, but you’ll also have the chance to develop your social life and have a well-rounded lifestyle.

Earning an MBA on line can change your life, professionally and personally. Take advantage of technological advances and complete an MBA online, while still working.