English as a Universal Language

One universal language for a whole nation is an essential factor for good communication. Language plays a prominent role in society. It is the way of communication between yourself and others. If there is not a clear way of universal communication, there will be chaos. The way to ensure this does not happen in the United States is for the legislation to make English the official language of America. “Language carries culture” (Source 2, p 553). Therefore, language is inseparable from our culture and us. It has a specific relationship to the world, which one cannot ignore.

Information about our culture is mainly passed down from generation to generation through the word of mouth and written stories. In order for all the generations to understand and learn the history of the United States, everything must be written or spoken in one universal language. If the entire nation speaks a different language, the culture will not be preserved. If everyone spoke his or her own language there would not be any type of communication in the world. No one would understand what any one person was saying.

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People should be able to speak their own language in the privacy of their own home, but in public they should be required to speak English to avoid confusion (Source 3, p 518). Those that object to this probably do not speak English as their primary language, but there are classes offered in the United States to help these people learn the language. Many consider bilingual people fortunate since they know more than one language, so those that must learn English should not object to it. The non-English speakers of America are mainly immigrants or were raised by families that have immigrated to America.

If these immigrants do not want to speak English, then they shouldn’t have come to the U. S. to begin with. The majority of people in this country speak English as primary language anyway (Source 5, p 577). The number of foreign-born people in America is increasing and the percent of English speaking Americans is decreasing (Source 5, p 577). The foreign born people are not all from the same country, so each of them is also speaking a different language. Although America is also referred to as a giant melting pot, it still needs some form of order and communication.

Our government and law enforcers need to be able to speak to the citizens; teachers need to be able to speak to students; employers to their employees; and all other citizens in general. Overall, if the United States wants to continue to be a successful country the legislation must make English the national language. Almost every other country has a national language, because it is impossible for everyone to communicate without one. We do not want future-America to be completely chaotic and without order. Our nation must take steps today for saving the country tomorrow.