Healthy Way of Life

Early to get, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise – English say. It goes without saying that healthy way of life is the best hobby of many people. Why do I say ‘hobby? You see, hobby is an activity which you do with a great pleasure. Of course, those who follow the healthy way of life like it very much and try to keep it during all their lives. All genius is simple, as you know. And healthy way of life is too.

There’s nothing simpler, than go to bed early, eating only good food and doing some sport exercises. Another important thing is your thoughts, your mood and mind. If you keep them right, if you are an optimistic and cheerful person, illnesses and troubles will go away immediately. It’s vital to note that sport tops the list of things that improve your health. In addition to its good qualities like making a person fit, more organized and better disciplined I should say that too much sport isn’t good.

Yes, everybody knows: life is a motion. But there’s a risk to get serious traumas if you’re a freshman in this, or you’ll be very sick and tired of this activity. And the wrong type of drills can do harm for you. It’s important to keep in mind that enough is as good as a feast. To add o it there’s no benefit from doing exercises without rational and various nutrition. Food must be different, balanced and as natural as it possible. It’s obligatory to stint yourself in sweets, floury food and too salt or too spicy dishes.

You should exclude the fast- and Junk food and different snacks. Eating on the run isn’t good, we know it very fine. Furthermore the golden rule of the culture of eating is: ‘Live not to eat, but eat to live’. Saadi, a Persian poet and philosopher, said: ‘Enough food keeps you and the surplus will be carried with your legs. ‘ It means that even useful things can be poisonous in a quantity. It’s important to note that healthy way of life also includes the state of your soul and thoughts, because mental balance is also very important.

You should never give up and you should take all the misfortunes and worries with a good mood and belief in better future. Besides, Sophie Marceau said: ‘The main secret of beauty is your smile’. So being in a good humor is not only for health but for attractiveness. Another actual problem is people, especially now, have lots of bad habits. They are very different – beginning with nail-biting and finishing with using hard drugs. All these bad ‘customs’ are equally dangerous for our health but in a iverse degree.

Moreover, such habits as smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and using dopes destroy human’s organism, mind, perception of the environment and, what’s worse, make him out of control and silly. Russian writer and dramatist A. Chekhov said: Vodka is white, but it reddens a nose and blackens a reputation’. Summing it up a healthy way of life is not an obligatory and boring thing, which everyone has to do. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see and feel all the amenities of the world in all colors and all aspects. Healthy way of life was made for enjoying the life but not disappointing in it.