Some MBA Options to Chose Overseas

An MBA or Master of Business Administration is an academic master’s degree program that complements and updates vocational training, especially in the administrative, business and senior management.

For a broader view of the operation of these programs in our region, he spoke with experts BRAL Miguel López Montiel, Director of Technology of Monterrey, home to Argentina; and Alberto Rubio, Dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Belgrano.

BRAL: What is the curricular structure of MBA programs?

López: The MBA ITESM, may be taken in three different ways:

1) Mode online.

2) Classroom learning (only in Mexico).

3) Mixed Mode.

The curricular structure of our MBA consists of 17 materials of which 3 are propaedeutic, View 1 stamp, 5 basic matters, 3 advanced courses, 4 electives, of which the student can choose an area of ??concentration (finance, marketing, strategy, human capital, entrepreneurship, e-commerce and governance) and an integrated matter.

Rubio: The offer of the Graduate School of Business at UB is:

Trocal cycle-common to all expressions such as: Fundamentals of Strategic Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, Corporate Finance, Operations Management, among others.

Specific cycles: Mention Business-Strategic Management, Major-Marketing, and Mention Finance Company.

Double Degree agreements:

1) The master of Business Administration, Major in Strategic Business Administration can obtain the Certificate of Professional Business Administration, Tulane University, which is given directly in the form of a regular stage and that in the other modes (full time and intensive ) must attend and pass the subjects taught by professors from Tulane University.

2) The Master of Business Administration, mentions Strategic Management, Finance and Marketing in which users can obtain a double degree with Euromed Marseille – Ecole de Management, Groupe ESC Toulouse, Groupe Superieure de Commerce de Montpellier and Reims Management Schoool. To access it should pursue an academic year in France and submit a final paper.

BRAL: What are the advantages of studying an MBA in Argentina, compared to other countries in Latin America?

Lopez: In the process of choosing the university to study an MBA executive should consider the following points to make a better decision: International certifications, academic staff with optimal levels of preparation and doctoral university prestige, update curriculum and international projection. Today, thanks to the use of technology is possible to study an MBA at universities around the world without changing residence.

Rubio: basically two: academic quality and a level of investment accessible, in response to internal costs and the ratio of exchange rates.

BRAL: What are some of the current directors business challenges that employers face in Latin America?

López: The main challenge is to keep fully up to date through comprehensive training programs for managers, since this is the only tool to achieve permanence in the business market. Today employers have the challenge of having directors with skills in using information technology to do business in a globalized world but also are of integrity, ethical and humanistic vision people.

Rubio: Understand the competitive structure of today’s world: open, integrated and interdependent.

Meet the requirements of research-development-innovation key trilogy to meet the demands of an expanded global market.

Flexible operational structure of companies adapting (and potenciándose) on the benefits of new information and communications technology. And develop associative ability to motivate strategic alliances.

BRAL: In conclusion, why is it important for a business owner or executive study for an MBA?

Lopez: An MBA gives the executive the knowledge, skills and values ??necessary to successfully face management challenges in a company. On the other hand an MBA gives prestige and strong impact on the professional growth.

Rubio: Because it is an opportunity to reflect on their experiences in the business world, exchange and discuss ideas with other executives and entrepreneurs incorporate new developments and progress on strategic thinking.