Moving on to My Online MBA

Getting my undergraduate degree was quite an accomplishment for me considering the financial and personal hurdles that I had to overcome to get there. I was flat broke, working a waitressing job that barely paid anything, and had loans through the roof. The stress was certainly substantial and I don’t think I had the fun, party college experience that most people my age had. But it was worth it – I got my degree and I never looked back.

One thing that I always wanted to do but couldn’t do at the time was go on to get my master’s degree – my MBA. I turned the world upside down trying to figure out a way to do it right out of undergraduate school but the fact was that I had run out of options and was lucky enough to get my undergrad degree. I would have to revisit my MBA at a later date.

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Well this is the date. I am older, wiser, and far more financially secure. I feel lucky to have so many options available to me which is a good thing because, while finances are no longer my primary concern, fitting school into my work schedule is still a top priority. This time, of course, it’s not a part time waitressing job that I’m trying to juggle with school – it’s a full time career in business. I can’t put work on hold to go back to school even though I know it will greatly benefit my career in the long run. But it turns out that I don’t have to put anything on hold because with the option of earning my online MBA I can go to school in the privacy of my own home – and on my time.

The online MBA program essentially comes to me and I have the ability to do all of my course work during my “off” hours. It won’t be easy but it will certainly be convenient and I look at the online MBA as my reward for all the juggling I had to do so early in life.